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About Acupuncture

Alongside herbal medicine and massage, acupuncture is one of the most important methods of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. It uses a system of physiology and diagnostics whereby psychological, emotional, physical and environmental factors are considered to work together.

The World Health Organisation has compiled a long list of disorders that are eligible to be treated with acupuncture. This list includes disorders of the respiratory system, stomach and intestines as well as musculoskeletal, hormonal and neurological disorders.

Further scientific research into the results and efficacy of acupuncture has meant that it is now considered by the regular Western medical world as a complementary treatment of ailments such as pain or chronic illnesses. Consequently, it is quite common to find acupuncture offered in health clinics and hospitals.

More and more people are turning to acupuncture as a treatment. It is more widely available thanks to its re-balancing effect on a broad scale of disorders. It is not only used to treat problems or to re-balance the body, but often it can prevent the initial occurrence of complaints.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, energy known as Qi circulates around the body through the meridians (energy pathways). These meridians form a fine network that connects all parts of the body, such as the organs, senses, skin, hair, bones, blood vessels, nails, uterus, and the brain, etc.

When Qi cannot flow smoothly, for example because of an accident or a prolonged stressful situation, stagnation will occur in the meridians. This can cause all kinds of disorders and impair the proper functioning of the organs. The method of acupuncture uses needles to remove these stagnations and obstructions from the path of Qi circulation.

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